Fully Custom Work

We'll build to your design!

Can't find what you're looking for? No problem! We offer 100 percent customized sign and decal solutions, large or small. We will work with you to put your design onto a sign, or help you though the design process if you need assistance. Get in touch for more information on made-to-order custom signage or decals.

Completed in Spring of 2023, This fully custom sign is based on the Cincinnati Northern Railroad's Sign Standards. Full scale replica and distressed to give the appearance of age.

Completed December 2023, Full scale replica of a Detroit, Toledo & Ironton R.R. standard depot sign. This sign is built exactly like the originals, metal on a wood frame. The sign face is smalted with black paint.

Completed November 2023, replica of a livestock products advertising sign, with some changed to the lettering.

Completed in early 2022, an originally designed DT&I bulletin board. This board was designed for both function and theme. This board is currently used at the Greenfield Village's locomotive roundhouse in Dearborn MI.

These are just a few examples

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Have an idea for a sign you'd like made? Reach out with a brief description of what you'd like made and we'll get back to you with a price estimate.

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