Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I rush order a sign?

Unfortunately, No. Our signs can take up to 3 weeks to ship. We make our signs to order, in the order they're placed. Rush orders are not accepted.

Can I order a sign with a modification?

Yes! All of our signs can be tweaked or customized to meet your specifications, this includes, changing colors, increasing/reducing size, changing lettering or fonts, etc.

Doing this might increase the price, depending on the modification.

Are your signs able to be displayed outside?

Yes, but... We recommend not leaving our signs in a constantly damp environment. Our custom station signs are coated with a sealant and will withstand being outdoors for years*

Our other signs are treated with only a paint protecting finish. It isn't recommended they be displayed directly outdoors.

*Extended outdoor life isn't guaranteed after 3 years. For signs intended to be displayed outdoors permanently, we recommend applying sealant to the sign once a year to protect from water damage.

Can I order a sign without your stamp on the back?

No. We Believe the difference between a Reproduction Sign and a Fake Sign is its ability to deceive somebody into thinking it is authentic.

We are in the business of creating replica pieces to be displayed and enjoyed by enthusiasts. Not pass a fake to make a quick buck.

Therefore, we heat stamp all signage we make with our company logo & the year it was produced. This is to allow for easy recognition of the signs true age and its designation of a replica.


Anyone suspected of removing our stamp from a sign with the intention of reselling it will be permanently refused service.