Custom Made Signage

Some of our favorite custom orders. These signs were made to each customer specific requirements.

B&O Freight Station sign, Aged and Distressed.

1/2 scale DT&I Station for St. Paris, Ohio. Built to DT&I sign standards and smaltz-painted.

DT&I Freight House sign, smaltz painted and distressed

PRR Freight Office sign, made of reclaimed lumber.

Stop On Red Signal Sign. Made with custom made reflective cat-eye marbles.

White Star Line Royal & US Mail Steamers advertising sign. Aged and Distressed.

IORY Rail System Ford Park Named Point Sign. Made to full size.

PRR Pigtails sign. I was paid to make this.

12 x 24 inch FEC R.R. sign.

Again, I was paid to make this.

1/3 scale N.Y.C. Adirondack Division Style Station sign.

DT&I Safety First sign.

PRR Private Driveway sign. Made of reclaimed lumber and distressed.

Antique Shop sign, measuring 4' x 8'. Our largest sign to date.

Michigan Central RR Detroit Division sign. 12 x 24 inches.

Custom made Ginger Ale sign.

This sign is based on a cardboard poster that was found in a steel mill in Pittsburgh, PA.

Nickel Plate Road Style R.R. Crossing Watchman sign. Replica (Left). Original (Right).

Full scale US-40 highway shield, made to 1960 Ohio sign specs. This sign is made with reflective vinyl.

New York Central R.R. sign garnished with a "Big Four Route" banner. Made of heavy pine.

Atlantic & Danville R.R. emblem sign.

Farmer's stand sign. 3'x6' size.

A custom made wedding gift.